Coggins and Health Certificates Services at Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, Jacksonville, FL

Welcome to Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, your trusted partner in comprehensive equine care in Jacksonville, FL. Our dedicated team of veterinarians understands the importance of proper documentation for your horse's health and travel requirements. We offer expert Coggins testing and health certificate services to ensure your equine companion meets all necessary regulations.

Coggins Testing for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA):

Coggins testing is a vital procedure to detect Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), a contagious viral disease that poses a significant threat to horses. Our veterinarians perform the Coggins test, which involves drawing a blood sample and analyzing it for EIA antibodies. This test is essential for the identification and prevention of the spread of EIA among equine populations.

Health Certificates for Travel and Events:

If you plan to travel with your horse or participate in events, many states and venues require a valid health certificate. This certificate confirms that your horse has undergone a health examination and meets specific health standards. Our veterinarians conduct thorough health examinations and issue health certificates to ensure your horse is in good health and fit for travel or event participation.

Customized Equine Health Services:

At Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, we understand that each horse has unique healthcare needs. Our experienced veterinarians provide personalized care and guidance, ensuring your equine companion remains healthy and compliant with regulatory requirements. Whether you are traveling interstate or participating in equine events, we are here to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free process with our Coggins and health certificate services.

Why Choose Atlantic Veterinary Hospital:

When you choose our Coggins and health certificate services in Jacksonville, FL, you can trust that your horse's well-being is our top priority. We are committed to providing accurate and timely testing and certification, adhering to all regulatory standards. With our expertise and dedication, you can confidently travel with your horse, knowing that they meet all necessary health requirements.

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Schedule an appointment at Atlantic Veterinary Hospital today to ensure your horse's health and compliance with travel and event regulations. Our Coggins and health certificate services are designed to keep your equine companion safe and healthy on all journeys. Contact us now to explore the best options available at Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, where we prioritize the health and safety of your beloved horse.

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