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Serving Saint Johns County and Southern Duval for Routine and Emergency Care

At Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, we offer extensive equine veterinary services for all ages, breeds, and disciplines. Our goal is to deliver caring, professional service through diagnostics and treatment options. We pride ourselves on the fact that your horse will be cared for by professionally trained and qualified veterinarians who have undergone equine-specific training. Must be an established client for emergency services.

Mobile Services

If you cannot make it to our location for any reason, we offer a mobile service where we can examine your pet. In many cases, we can make a diagnosis on the spot and provide a treatment course. However, we cannot do this in some cases – if we need x-rays, for example – and will require an in-person visit.

Large Animals Services

We are licensed animal health professionals who can care for all manner of large animals, including horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs. We specialize in health exams, vaccinations, drawing blood, prescribing medication, cleaning wounds, surgery, assisting with problem births, and more.


We have a sophisticated vaccination program designed to ensure your animal receives the best prevention against disease possible. Vaccinations are a crucial part of pet ownership, and we do not recommend skipping them. These vaccines will train your pet’s immune system to fight off disease.


Every pet owner dreads this day. When your pet has an incurable disease, and there is no longer any way of extending their lifespan, humane euthanasia becomes the last resort. We handle this situation compassionately with your pet’s comfort in mind and with your heartache at the forefront of our minds.

Wellness Visits

We work hard to prevent illness and disease in your pets. Our wellness visits help us do so. Our programs include comprehensive physical examinations, parasite testing, preventative vaccines and medications, spay and neuter procedures, and blood testing.


Sometimes pets get sick. Our veterinarians are skilled at recognizing when problems exist and coming up with a treatment plan to nurse your pet back to full health. Whether they are having trouble breathing, urinating, defecating, eating, swallowing, or any other symptom, we’ll get to the bottom of it.


Our doctors perform a comprehensive array of procedures, including spays, neuters, and other soft tissue procedures daily. We are constantly updating our processes to stay current with the latest thinking in the veterinarian industry. We use safe anesthetics.


Dental health is as important for your pet as it is to you! We reduce the likelihood of various oral issues through our preventative care checkups. Our services include gum care, broken tooth treatment, ultrasonic cleaning, extraction, oral cancer screening, and much more.

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